Golden Project – Live a Golden Live

There are some new, exciting projects coming in 2017! In China 2017 is the year of the chicken or rooster:  according to Chinese Horoscope Theory, the chicken is seen as a female metal which is related to gold, precious gems or jewellery, meaning that it implies luxury, beauty and wealth. Reflecting this aspect of Chinese culture – I would like to introduce you to: “Live a Golden Life” – a new international living statues project:

Does a UfO bring aliens?

Have you ever wondered what a UfO could bring with it if it ever landed on this planet? Once a year in Szamotuły, Poland a UfO Festival brings living statues. If you think about it, Living Statue Art is just like something from a different planet. Humans but not humans. Statues but not real statues. Moving but not moving. They are different from humans, but just as extraordinary as anything that would be found inside a UFO.

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