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Lutrek’s living statues and walkabouts are beautiful, charming and wholly unique.  Unconventionally elegant these living statues are truly engaging, creating magic wherever they go. Connecting past with present, these characterful representations make people laugh, smile and feel involved. Lutrek statues are an artistic and avant-garde addition to both events and festivals. From Steampunk to Snow Queen – there is a Lutrek statue for every occasion and each one has their own individual story to tell. Please select from the following characters and make the magic happen!

  • F.A.Q.
  • We provide the most unique living statues for hire for your event.
  • Any theme, any type of statue – contact us, we can offer a wider selection of statues than displayed.
  • Do you want to order a whole gallery of living statues from all over Europe ? Contact us!
  • We provide living statues and clowns all over Great Britain, Europe and the World

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