Nature Goddess, adorned with a forest crown and moss collar, stands at an eco and environmental event. She looks strait at you raising her claws as if she wanted to say something. The image captures the joy and wonder of this unique performance at Lommel festival, celebrating nature and inspiring a sense of awe in all who witness it. It is an intriguing roaming act for events.


We provide the most unique living statues, roaming acts,  and walkabouts for hire for your event, TV, or festival! We specialize in making your event awesome and memorable. Whether it is a classic Victorian, nature or fashionable modern-style gathering, our unconventionally elegant characters are truly engaging, creating magic wherever they go!

Elf and golden coins in shopping centre in Glasgow

I heard the elves were a huge success and many of my friends who visited Silverburn across the weekend said the entertainment was brilliant so thank you! We would certainly recommend you for future events.

Manager of the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland


“I was mesmerized by watching you. There is something about the tension a living statue brings that is deeply captivating and stunning. You are precious. A work of art. A reminder that life can stop now and again”

“The elegance of your costume is stunning…what you do is one of the most lovely things I have ever seen in all my life. Brilliantly creative.”

Paul Farnham – Illustrator/photographer/writer