Christmas Acts

Welcome to our Christmas and Winter Wonderland Entertainment. This year we bring you walkabouts and statues which are guaranteed to entertain and engage all types of audiences, including those from far afield.

We are known for our unusual winter acts and are regularly invited to the most popular and family-friendly Christmas markets in the UK as well as to globally famous venues, such as luxurious hotels and shopping centres. Wherever you are, in the hustle and bustle of a market, in the glitter and glamour of a shopping mall, we will stop you in you in your tracks, amazing and amusing you with our skilful performances.

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is one of the most popular and in demand Christmas Characters in both Britain and the rest of Europe. Inspired by the Narnia stories, she provides an extraordinary magical winter experience for the audience with her warm and welcoming interaction. See videos:  video I  & video II

Woodland’s Elves

Wonderful duet of amazing Woodland Elves. They are sprinkled with magic dust! Lovers of nature, art and pranks, they sparkle with their stories of wonderland. They are guaranteed to make your audience smile: their magical appearance is bound to attract your attention.

Santa’s elves

This cheeky duet of Santa’s helpers brings fun and jokes. Careful, they might charm you with their magic!

Miss Copper kettle

This statue warms the cockles of your heart with her Victorian Christmas secrets from the past. Cast in solid copper, she will transport you back in time to a world of crinolines, carriages and crackling firelight. Bringing to life the world of Charles Dickens. When walking around or staying still she makes sure that Christmas glitter will spread around from her magic copper kettle.

Christmas silver lady

Introducing the exclusive and elegant silver lady. She is a graceful, clever and eye-catching figure. She keeps a silver ball in her hand, which symbolizes power, earth, strength, femininity and harmony. She can move graciously or be powerfully still, which is an experience worth seeing. ***duet of Silver Ladies available

Sweet Dream

Baked to perfection, the sweet dream chocolate girl is sugar coated and full of mischief. Guaranteed to attract attention at any event or festival, this statue is a dream come true for any bakery, shop/grocery or food-themed event. See video:  Video

Those walkabout and living statue s are entertainers suitable for themed events, weddings and festivals, such as Winter, Christmas, Narnia, Wonderland, Christmas market,  snow, ice, festive, Wonderland, fairy-tale, Victorian, classic, white etc.