Lutrek – CONTACT

Izabela Radcliffe
T:  +44 (0) 7708 356 141
E: [email protected]

We are based in Dunbar, Scotland & London, UK. We travel all over Great Britain and the World.

FAQ – Lutrek Living Statues & Walkabouts

What is the price for one act? – From £300 + travel, depending on dates.

How long can the walkabout/living statue perform?

For daytime events: 4 sessions 30min long within 3 – 4 hours (sets can vary, for example, 2 x 60min).

For evening events: 3 sessions 30 min long within 3 – 4 hours (sets can vary, for example, 2 x 45min)

Where can you travel with this act? Where are you based? – All around the UK and the World. We are based in Dunbar, Scotland, the UK, and we co-work with artists across the UK and Poland. We send them our costumes for local bookings.

Can the living statue work as a roaming walking act? – Yes, most of our living statues are versatile and can work as both roaming walkabout acts and stationary living statues. Take a look at this video for an example of a group of golden living statues moving around a shopping centre. It’s not uncommon for customers to initially request living statues and then later ask for us to roam around in subsequent sets.

Can Lutrek’s acts take part in bigger projects, parades or shows? – Yes!

Who is Lutrek working with? We work with professional artists only with theatre or circus backgrounds. We also help in organizing bigger festivals, for which we hire the best artists from around Europe or the UK, depending on the festival’s requirements.

I want to organize a living statue and walkabout festival in my town/city/shopping centre. Can you provide a big group of artists? – Definitely! We have a network of professional living statue artists throughout the UK and Europe and have experience in organizing living statue festivals. Check out our blog post on the topic here for more information.

I am an artist-performer. Can I work with Lutrek? We do regular recruitments. Get in touch with us!