Woodland Elves

Woodland Elves


Wonderful duet of amazing Woodland Elves. They are sprinkled with magic dust! Lovers of nature, art and pranks, they sparkle with their stories of wonderland. They are guaranteed to make your audience smile: their magical appearance is bound to attract your attention.

This act is related to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and nature stories. They also can appear as charming Ice Queen helpers during the Christmas season.

People have said about our Elves : 
That’s so cool!
I didn’t know they are real!
They are sweet!
So cute!
How do they manage not to laugh!
I have to take a picture, they are so cool!

These Elves are entertainers suitable for themed events, fairs, markets and festivals, such as: nature, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare, Woodland, Tolkien, magic, family-friendly, Christmas, winter, etc.

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