Golden Luck


Introducing the dazzling, modern, and oh-so-realistic golden living statue that will leave your guests in awe! With a shimmering coat of golden bricks, this statue is perfect for hire for themed events and festivals that crave avant-garde entertainment.

But this is not just any ordinary statue – she brings curiosity, fortune, and endless fun to any occasion. As a gold collector, you may find yourself wondering if those bricks are truly worth their weight in gold. And with a stunning suit straight from the Coco Chanel collection, she’s as shiny as she is stylish.

Luxurious events will be taken to the next level with this golden goddess, but she’s also the perfect addition to Chinese New Year’s Eve celebrations! And here’s a surprise – children absolutely adore helping her put her golden bricks in the proper order. It’s a blast for everyone involved!

But wait, there’s more – sometimes she replaces her bricks with golden champagne while visiting Jaimy Oliver’s restaurant in London. Can you imagine the excitement she brings to the table? This character is part of the much bigger international project, “Live a Golden Life” by the Living Statues Project.

Book this golden living statue for your event and watch as your guests are amazed by her radiance, charm, and endless entertainment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of gold to your next event!

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