lemon lush

Introducing Lemon Lush, the yellow and striking human statue and walkabout who’s perfect for adding a fun, colourful vibe to any event – day or night!

With her French elegance and lolly pop star hair, Lemon Lush is sure to bring joy and delight to all those around her.

Whether you’re hosting a themed event, fair, market, or festival, Lemon Lush is the perfect entertainer for you. Her yellow glow and vibrant energy make her an excellent fit for food, poetry, and colourful events. So what are you waiting for? Book Lemon Lush today and see what secrets she has in store for you!

Just like a lemon dessert, Lemon Lush is full of surprises and cheeky ideas. Her favourite things include cream, lolly pops, and all things joyful. And if you’re lucky, she might even whisper a poem or two in your ear!

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