Ole Blue Eyes

Ole Blue Eyes – Musical Living Statue

is an entertaining musical act featuring a wacky statue with a ridiculous moustache playing a variety of genres and covering popular songs in a fun and comical way.

Looking for a musical act that’s seriously silly and downright entertaining? Look no further than Ole Blue Eyes – the wackiest musical statue you’ll ever lay eyes on! With a moustache so ridiculous, it’s hard not to burst out laughing.

But don’t let the humour fool you – Ole Blue Eyes is a talented musician who takes pride in his craft. From mariachi to flamenco, country to ukulele and kazoo covers, he can play it all! With a repertoire that includes classic love songs, rave tunes, rock anthems, film themes and more, there’s never a dull moment when Ole Blue Eyes is on stage.

Inspired by the melodramas of Spain, this musical statue is so earnest that it’s funny. But don’t be fooled by the comical veneer – underneath that moustache lies a dedicated and skilled musician who can reinvent any song in a whole new way. So, do you think you can guess the tune? Get ready to be entertained by Ole Blue Eyes and his quirky musical stylings!

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