Steampunk Lady

Steampunk Lady

A Captivating Living Statue for Hire for Enchanting Events and Festivals

The Steampunk Lady is a joyfully playful and humorous human statue and walkabout character. She delights in keeping watches hidden in her costume and uses them to steal time secretly. Beware her golden gas mask, which she uses to shoot kisses at unsuspecting onlookers. She embraces her mechanical elements, even when they don’t always work as intended.

With her stunning Victorian and mechanical costume elements, this wonderful steampunk-style character is an entertainer perfectly suited for themed events and festivals such as Victorian, Steampunk, Dr Who, modern art, and golden-themed occasions.

The Steampunk Lady is one of the most popular and successful living statues by Lutrek, having travelled to over 10 countries worldwide and gained a record for multiple bookings with the same clients. Experience the magic and charm of the Steampunk Lady at your next event or festival.

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