Who is Juliette? … and TATE Modern Gallery

The first performance of our Juliette was in TATE Modern Gallery in London! She took part in Michael Smith’s video art performance:“Excuse me!?! I’m looking for the ‘Fountain of Youth'” You can see her at 21.45 in this video:

Behind the scene

I sat next to the river Thames just before our performance, thinking that this is a wonderful place to perform, just a few floors under Pollock’s (my favourite!) and Kandynsky’s paintings. It was an extraordinary creative meeting! Later on the atmosphere of work, Michael Smith’s great concept and art intuition made this happen. I am thankful to the Tate Modern team who made this project possible and gave us the greatest production team work experience. I loved it!

Who is Juliette?

A new, modern living statue with a cell phone, based in Bristol.

What is her story? Her passion? Juliette is a visual artist. She likes to think that she belongs to the most avant-garde artistic community in Europe and is currently working on her exhibition, which is inspired by the work of such artists such as Marina Abramovic and Frida Kahlo. One day she would like to be famous just like them. See more about her here.



The Living Statues Project

Juliette’s character is a part of a much bigger, international project “You, Me and the Others” by the Living Statues Project. It is a group of ten living statue artists from five European countries! We  are currently preparing tour and bookings for 2016! How exciting! It is the greatest cooperation of Lutrek started only half a year ago…