Behind the Scenes of Living Statues Project

You may notice that I write a lot about my role as Juliette in our Living Statues Project in Lutrek’s social media and blog.

Several people have asked me how we worked on this project and how it came about. The attached video will show you a snapshot of the story of our work. It all had it roots in the heart of living statue Mecca – Arnhem, Netherlands, where we met during the World Living Statues Championship.

What is it like to be a part of this project?
It is an extremely rich experience!  When working in a group you never stop learning. As Andy Warhol once said:  “One is a company, two is a crowd, three is a party.” It is probably “the party” spirit which energises and inspires our work and keeps us going! The first festival is behind us. Some photos from it can be seen here:
Photos by Guy Buys, Ypres Festival
Our next meeting with an audience is coming very soon…