Does a UfO bring aliens?

Have you ever wondered what a UfO could bring with it if it ever landed on this planet? Once a year in Szamotuły, Poland a UfO Festival brings living statues. If you think about it, Living Statue Art is just like something from a different planet. Humans but not humans. Statues but not real statues. Moving but not moving. They are different from humans, but just as extraordinary as anything that would be found inside a UFO.

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10 Reasons to Book a Living Statue

Organizing an event and want to make it different, original, and unforgettable? Of course we all do. But perhaps you’re one of those people who have balked at this challenge and found it difficult to think of a way to create a special atmosphere in your venue, to work out how to keep the people at your event happy and engaged – in other words, how to make it a unique and memorable occasion. It’s not always easy but it can be done! I know: I’ve done it!

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Do We Love Sweet Dreams?

How I created the Sweet Dream living statue

My Sweet Dream

When I was a child my mum used to sew a lot. One snowy, winters morning when she was sewing, she called me. She was staring and pointing out of the the window, saying: “You see, a little bird! It flew here to peck some grain.” This was my ‘sweet dream’ memory. It was soft, touching and had a simple beauty, which stayed in my memory forever. 26 years after I recalled that simple moment. It was during the final creation of my Sweet Dream living statue.

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